LESLAM Company Limited is made up of a team of dedicated and motivated members. Team LESLAM has been serving our clients since 1981. Our goal is to assist our clients to continue their daily activities and to stay well, active and independent. We currently offer Curbside Pickup during the pandemic.

New Location

Team LESLAM is grateful that we are blessed with a new location at 20 Bermondsey Rd. This new location is a barrier-free spacious ground level unit with ample parking. Our hope is that it will enable us to better serve our wonderful clients.

Continence Care

With over 30 years of experience, Team LESLAM have been helping clients with products that suit their specific needs, ensuring product availabiliy and on time delivery.

Ostomy Care

Putting the needs of our clients first is a priority of Team LESLAM. We provide products from major suppliers of Ostomy and Urostomy products.

Mobility Care - ADP

Team LESLAM specialized in Ultra Light weight manual wheelchair from major manufacturers. Each chair is measured and fitted to each individual client to achieve maximum stability, comfort and mobility. Did I mention that we are also an approved Vendor with the Assistive Device Program in Ontario?
You not only get more from Les - you get more for Less